The Center for Mindfulness & Life Reappraisal


The reality that we knew before the covid-19 pandemic, changed drastically. Nowadays, we are learning to cope with a “new reality”, filled with anxiety, fear, worry, confusion, anger, and much emotional distress. It is true that some of us do better than others, but, basically most of people are experiencing their own share of confusion and distress.

The good news is that there are resources and options available to everyone. The training of Mindfulness is a powerful and scientifically proven option to overcome and reappraised the anxiety and distress that we all are feeling during these difficult times.


 “BREATHING IN……BREATHING OUT…..Just bringing your FULL ATTENTION to the breathing, moment by moment….and breath by breath”. Practice this simple exercise for 60 seconds two or three times a day, to begin with.


( Possible Scenario ) As you learn to sustain your full attention of your breathing, become consciously aware of your limitations of personal control over many aspects of your daily life. expand your awareness of the fact that the more you “try to control an issue” at home or work, the more difficult it appears to handle, then…FEAR & ANXIETY ARISES! Be aware of ‘this game that your mind plays” and notice that every time that you are pursuing control of the situation, fear & anxiety arises within you.


Mindfulness brings intentionally our full attention to the experiences that occur in the present moment and allows our levels of conscious awareness to be expanded into the emotional issues that are affecting our lives.

Some of our research examines the question of  how a brief Mindfulness training reappraises the “perceptions of our own reality” and promotes peace of mind, equanimity, and a sense of meaning in our lives.

Our Mindfulness Based Life Reappraisal Training Program is a four-week conscious awareness journey. The intervention offers systematic skills to reduce FEAR & ANXIETY by learning to sustain attention and increasing awareness of distressing past and present experiences, so you can learn to REAPPRAISE them, and change toxic habits that affect your health and whole life.

Conscious mind

For  more information and scientific reports, please contact:  If you are interested, we will provide you with some free written materials that will help you to begin your own practice of mindfulness and the rational behind our type of training. IF YOU SUFFER FROM FEAR & ANXIETY, DO NOT GIVE UP…THERE IS HOPE.

Reprints of our publications are available for personal use at the PUBLICATIONS link, as well as at



A major portion of our research examines the cross-cultural assessment of emotions in clinical (cancer) and normal populations, utilizing the Perceived Emotional Distress Inventory (PEDI) We also have available for your research, our cross-cultural measures of Anger Expression and Hostility Inventory, and the Multicultural  Depression and Emotional Regulation Inventory in the Spanish language. DOWNLOAD:   PEDI-R English


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