Mindfulness Training


Our Mindfulness training at the Center for Mindfulness & Life Reappraisal, is a four-week online short program that includes eight hours of guided practice. The intervention offers systematic skills to reduce FEAR & ANXIETY by learning to sustain attention and increasing conscious awareness of distressing past and present experiences, so the participants  learn to REAPPRAISE stressful situations and change the toxic habits that affect their health and whole life.

The syllabus offers a systematic practice to focus attention on the breathing and the stimulation of the vagus nerve to promote high levels of calmness, tranquility and equanimity. This renewed mental state allows, in turn, conscious awareness of past and present toxic emotional experiences that are currently causing physical and mental illness.

Free yourself from your past

In general, mindfulness brings intentionally our full attention to the experiences that occur in the present moment allowing awareness into the emotional issues that are affecting our lives.

Some of our research examines the question of  how a brief Mindfulness training reappraises the “perceptions of our own reality” and promotes peace of mind, equanimity, and a sense of meaning in our lives.

For more information about our four-week training program, syllabus, and scientific reports, please direct e-mail to: manolete@manoletemoscoso.com


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